What is the Papa Johns NFT Hot Bag giveaway?

Papa Johns is launching its first collection of cool, collectible and cleaner NFTs as part of the metaverse’s biggest ever NFT giveaway. There are nine NFT designs, inspired by a Papa Johns’ pizza delivery hot bag, which will drop on several dates throughout March.

Why is Papa Johns giving away NFTs?

With its collection of 19,840 NFT Hot Bags, created in the fashion metaverse, Papa Johns is making 2022’s most coveted digital asset – NFTs – available and redeemable here for free.

How can I redeem a Papa Johns NFT Hot Bag?

Please click here to read the step-by-step redemption guide. If this is your first-ever NFT, you will need to start at step 1, downloading a Tezos-compatible crypto wallet. If you already own a Tezos-compatible crypto wallet, such as Kukai or Temple, skip to ‘sync your wallet’.

How many NFTs can I redeem?

You can redeem one NFT per crypto wallet. If you wish to acquire further NFTs, (e.g. to obtain the entire collection of nine), you will need to download an additional crypto wallet per NFT. Alternatively, you can purchase (or trade for) other Papa Johns NFT Hot Bags on an NFT marketplace such as objkt.com, subject to that marketplace’s specified terms and conditions.

How long does it take for the NFT to appear in my crypto wallet?

The NFT transfer can take up to an hour and will happen automatically once initiated. You can navigate away from the microsite or log off – your NFT will still find its way to you.

How much are these NFTs worth?

As free NFTs, the digital tokens will have no immediate or intrinsic monetary value when they drop. However, as the NFTs are sold and traded, driven by demand to acquire a Papa Johns NFT Hot Bag, they may acquire a value.

Papa Johns has no control over value increases or decreases of the NFTs. As with any blockchain assets, these and any cryptocurrency used to purchase or otherwise associated with any onwards trading of the NFTs are extremely volatile and may be subject to large fluctuations. Fluctuations in the price of other digital assets could also adversely affect the NFTs, as could legislative and regulatory changes (both local and international).

What if I accidentally pick the wrong NFT, can I swap it?

No, unfortunately once the NFT is redeemed from this site, it cannot be returned. However, there are options to trade and sell your NFT – read the question below.

Is trading or selling of Papa Johns NFTs permitted?

Yes, NFTs can be sold or put up for auction on a Tezos-powered NFT marketplace such as objkt.com, or sent to someone else’s Tezos-compatible crypto wallet as a gift. Your wallet will need to contain cryptocurrency in order to sell, auction or gift an NFT, and any onwards transfer will be subject to the specified terms and conditions of that particular marketplace.

Are there any age restrictions?

You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in this promotion.

What makes this the ‘biggest’ NFT giveaway?

Papa Johns is giving away 19,840 NFTs, available to redeem here for free. This makes it the metaverse’s biggest NFT giveaway to date (correct as of March 2022). Why 19,840, you ask? This number has special significance to Papa Johns – our company was founded in 1984.

Are you releasing all 19,840 NFTs on one date?

No, the NFTs will drop on selected dates throughout March. Drop dates will be announced via Papa Johns’ social media channels in your country.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token’, a unique digital asset that can be acquired and sold, like any other piece of property, but which has no tangible form on its own. As a digital token, NFTs can also be considered as certificates of ownership for virtual or physical assets.

What makes these ‘cleaner’ NFTs?

Papa Johns’ NFTs have been minted on Tezos, an energy-efficient blockchain. With drastically lower energy consumption, Tezos offers standard-setting energy efficiency– consuming over two million times less energy than popular Proof of Work networks. In fact, the total annual carbon footprint of the Tezos blockchain is reported to be the equivalent to the average energy footprint of 17 people. Moreover, the low gas costs on Tezos provide for a seamless user experience that allows anyone to mint, host, and trade NFTs with minimal barriers to entry.

Are NFTs bad for the environment?

Most Proof of Work blockchains are very inefficient and wasteful by design. They can use millions of times more energy than modern Proof of Stake blockchains like Tezos. By comparison, creating and trading NFTs on Tezos takes around the same amount of energy as sending an email or a social media post.

What is a crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to securely access any cryptocurrency you own. The wallet itself doesn’t hold any actual cryptocurrency, but it holds the public and private key information needed to carry out crypto transactions. The cryptocurrency itself is stored on a blockchain.

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. An asset can be tangible (a house, car, cash, land) or intangible (intellectual property – including NFTs, patents, copyrights, branding).

What is Tezos?

Tezos is smart money, redefining what it means to hold and exchange value in a digitally connected world. A self-upgradable and energy-efficient Proof of Stake blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly adopts tomorrow's innovations without network disruptions today. For more information, please visit www.tezos.com.

Where are the terms & conditions for the Papa Johns NFT Hot Bag giveaway?

Please click here to read the promotion’s terms & conditions.

How can I win the real ‘Papa 1984’ yellow hot bag?

By redeeming a Papa Johns NFT Hot Bag between 1 March 2022 - 12 April 2022, you will be automatically entered into a draw to win the prize. You must still have the NFT in your wallet by 14 April 2022 to qualify.

How will I know if I’ve won the prize?

A unique ‘golden ticket’ NFT will be placed in the winner’s crypto wallet on 14 April 2022. If you find the golden ticket – congratulations! Enter your crypto wallet address here and you will receive instructions for claiming the prize. If the winner does not claim the prize within 28 days of 14 April 2022, the prize will rollover to a new winner. NFT owners are responsible for checking if they have won the prize.

How will the real hot bag winner be chosen?

Papa Johns will use a web-based giveaway tool to independently select one crypto wallet that holds one Papa Johns NFT Hot Bag redeemed from Papa Johns (i.e. not bought or otherwise acquired).

Does owning more than one Papa Johns NFT Hot Bag increase my chances of winning?

Yes, every crypto wallet address, which redeems a Papa Johns NFT between 1 March 2022 - 12 April 2022, will be entered into the draw.

How much is the prize worth?

The ‘Papa 1984’ yellow hot bag is worth £250. No cash alternative is available.

Will the prize be shipped anywhere in the world?

Yes, the prize will be shipped to the winner’s choice of address. A delivery ETA will be provided once we have the winner’s address.

Where are the terms & conditions for the competition to win a real hot bag?

Please click here to read the competition’s terms & conditions.

Who designed the Papa Johns NFT Hot Bags?

Papa Johns partnered with two talented NFT designers; Tom Hoff and Ash Sketch. Tom was born in Santiago, Chile but currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. Ash is based in London. Head to the homepage to read their biographies.

What inspired the designs for the NFTs?

The ‘Papa 1984’ NFT bag takes its design cues from the Gen Z trend for insulated streetwear, with echoes of the heat-preserving technology in pizza hot bags, blended here as a unique fashion accessory.

The ‘Papa Cheese Melt’ and Papa Tag’ NFT bags incorporate street art graffiti graphics with dance fashion styling, to spotlight the hip-hop scene from around the same time Papa Johns opened its doors in 1984.

What is the inspiration behind the bag names like ‘Papa 1984’ and ‘Papa Tag’?

We took cues from street culture, fashion and Papa Johns’ company story to name the bags.

Can I buy the NFTs bags in real life?

Yes, a very exclusive drop of five real Papa 1984, Papa Cheese Melt and Papa Tag bags will go on sale via Depop, the fashion marketplace, on 7 March 2022. Once they’re gone, they’re gone – so you will need to move fast!

What if I have an issue redeeming my NFT?

Revisit the step by step guide for redeeming an NFT and then double check that NFTs are still available to redeem on the site. If the NFT availability is showing zero, you will need to wait for the next drop date, which will be announced via Papa Johns’ social media channels in your country. If your issue remains unresolved, please use the ‘contact us’ function on your local Papa Johns’ website.